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Basque Country 

  • alava

    Gift cards treatments in Álava

    The great province of Álava is the perfect place to take advantage of gift card treatments in Álava.You can use it along with a loved one or as a perfect gift on that important date.

    In the Basque country you will find the best hotels with SPA that you can visit, and Álava is not the exception, the renowned province that has as its capital the city of vitoria brings for you not only beautiful landscapes and stories, but also the best places to relax and make your day unforgettable.

    You don't want to end the experiences at the Marquis Hotel

    If you like the good buildings, the designs, the good decoration, the abstract and the tasting of a good wine, the Marquis de Riscal hotel is the ideal for you and someone else.

    The second masterpiece of the world-famous architect Frank O. Gehry, is located in Spain, specifically in the province of Álava.A prestigious building that maintains the essence of good wine and the well-being of the customer.Pools, whirlpool baths, solarium, excellent masseurs and more is what you can find here.

    This one gift card SPA you can't tell him no! Deluxe Double Room Apa Wing, a breakfast for two in the restaurant tradition 1860, access to the SPA areas such as pool, jacuzzi, gym and hammam where you can live the experience of winetherapy, and as if it were little this wonderful bonus gift spa brings a pleasant visit to the wineries Marques de Riscal.Discover the grape properties for your health.

    One of the hotels with SPA more luxurious in the province offers a gift card treatments in Álava wider, where besides enjoying the magnificent facilities and landscape of the place, adds a divine duo treatment.

    This consists of a massage to enhance the health of the skin by implementing the properties of the grape, a benefit for two.It already requires this magnificent SPA gift card and lives a permanent experience.

    Next destination: the Parador of your dreams

    The Argomariz Parador located in the province of Álava, it is an excellent option to venture a few days in the province.Also, you can choose from among others Paradores and choose the Parador that best suits your needs and enjoy its magnificent facilities.

    If you only depend on a leaky weekend, then you'll be interested in this gift box that offers you one night.Choose from 70 different destinations for you to enjoy one night in a standard double room and a breakfast buffet for two people Don't miss the opportunity to get out of the routine with that special person!

    On the other hand, if what you are looking for is something longer, several days at some good hotel, then this gift box is the ideal for you.Enjoy 5 nights in a double room standard with breakfast included in any parador you choose.With this gift bonus you will get a 20% discount on restaurants.

  • guipuzcoa

    Gift cards treatments in Guipuzcoa

    Unique and unforgettable experiences with the best gift boxes guipuzcoa!Explore between the different options to spend one or more days with the best hotels with SPA from the area.

    Massages, meals, sea tours, swimming pools, saunas, steam baths and much more are some of the features offered by gift cards treatment in Guipuzcoaavailable for a friend, a loved one or for you.Children can also enjoy these experiences!

    Healthy treatments in Hotel & Thalasso Villa Antilla

    Make an unforgettable day with the SPA gift cards offered by the Hotel & Thalasso Villa Antilla.

    Its structure resembles the proa of a boat, playing with the beautiful beach of the Antilles located right next to the hotel, on the coast of the Basque country.Its facilities host a relaxation area, good seafood and well-being.Less than 60km from Bilbao Airport and only 20 minutes' drive from San Sebastian, you can enjoy the best vouchers spa gifts.

    Where even the smallest of the house can relax!

    That's right, with him bonus “my first massage” children you can have an excellent experience with relaxing massage while reinforcing your immune system, helping your concentration, improving confidence and security and creating a balance between your activity and rest, in one of the best hotels with SPA guipuzcoa.

    In the Hotel " Thalasso Villa Antilla you can purchase the best experiences in the water circuitso here we bring you this waterproof gift box.Access to the marine route, 6 swimming pools with 6 different types of water treatments, procedures only for your feet, sun loungers relax, massages of 30 minutes and up to a full meal based on the menu of the day.

    Balance your life in Balneario Cestona

    On the banks of the Urola river in Guipuzcoa, just a few minutes from the beaches of Zarautz, there is a spa with more than 200 years of history with facilities in perfect condition, adapted to the time and with excellent vouchers spa gifts.

    Its essence of well-being and relaxation is reflected in its wonderful personal care services and how about a face rebalance with lifting effect to improve your appearance?Remember that health is first and the face is a presentation card, so get this gift card SPA and lives the benefits of clay and essential oils.

    Improves the sudoríparas, sebaceous, lymphatic, nervous and circulatory functions while eliminating toxins and toning the skin of your face.

    Thermal fluids in Guipuzcoa? The Balneario Cestona has the best thermal treatment cards in the area.

    Circuit of the Millennium is the name that receives this thermal water route, implemented in order to improve the health of the client.A two-room Turkish bath with different temperatures, 34-degree thermal pool with different accessories (water beds, bubble seats, jets, etc.) is what this wonderful thermal treatment bonus offers.

  • Biscay

    Gift cards treatments in Vizcaya

    Travel, have fun and enjoy a different scenario while you love and care for your body in a surprising way Vizcaya.Choose from the best options hotels with SPA in one of the three cities that make up the basque country and enjoy a few days out of the ordinary.

    To make you feel like a celebrity or to make the best birthday present, the gift boxes that offer some of these hotels are the perfect selection.

    No worries at the hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza

    Travel to the Basque Country with a gift card treatments in Vizcaya and live the experience of flying without wings, free your soul from worries and return home with cotton shoes That's how light your body will stay!

    Choose a bonus gift spa and enjoy a nice bathroom as never at the facilities of the Balneario Orduña Plaza hotel, located in the center of the city of Orduña.The beautiful neoclassical building of the hotel preserves in its interior facilities dedicated to the relaxation and rest of its customers.

    800 meters of mineral-medical waters to take advantage of your bonus thermal treatments.Gym, thermal waters and more, are some of the wonders you will find here

    The use of the spa leaves the gym for free!

    La gift card SPArelaxing hot tub” gives an incredible experience of 25 minutes receiving excellent anti-stress and anti-depressant treatment naturally, with hydromassage jets that will make you want to return.

    Or you could try this amazing spa gift bonus, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the circuit “the spring” and delight with a succulent breakfast inside the hotel’s facilities.Leave everything in the hands of the highly trained professional and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing spring.

    Renace at the hotel Balneario Areatza

    Hydrolyze your body with a discharge of well-being and life in the wonderful waters of the Areatza hotel with a bonus thermal treatments.

    About 30 minutes from the capital Vizcaya and on the slopes of Gorbea Natural Park, are the hotel facilities Balneario Areatza, set for the whole family, especially to heal and relax the customer.Where you can find the best gift cards treatments in Vizcaya.

    Imagine spending 60 minutes in a thermal water circuit clearing your mind and enjoying the relaxed feeling of water, then lying on a comfortable stretcher and handing your body 15 minutes more to highly experienced hands, which will give you the benefits of a magnificent massage.Stop imagining and get this SPA gift card and live the real experience!

    What if you're wrapped in coffee?This is it gift box brings you the benefits of body exfoliation deep with the combination of hot oil, coffee powder and cinnamon; in addition to body wrapping with coffee extract and a relaxing massage with reasserting emulsion.

    60 minutes of health for the care of your skin in one of the best hotels with SPA in the area.

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Showing 1 - 100 of 180 items

Gift cards treatments Basque Country

Are you looking for a hotel at the Basque Country where you can not only stay, but also relax in a SPA?You've reached the right place.Discover the revitalizing and relaxing treatments you can get in hotels with spaas well as all bonuses and spa gift cards that you can acquire either for you or to give away someone else.

Enjoy amazing hot tubs, buy bonuses for thermal treatments and experiment through the different relaxing rituals offered by these hotels with spa for you.

Visit the Balneario Cestona in the Basque Country

Enjoy this beautiful Spa, where you will have at your disposal the thermal circuit, with 3 thermal pools, each with different temperatures.

The water of this pool is mineralomedicinal, allowing to improve your health for as long as it is in use.Encourage yourself to get one of the gift boxes this Spaniard offers you.

The Gift of Menu Relaxing In Balneario Cestona in Euskadiit's a spa gift voucher which will allow you to enjoy 50 minutes of a tour through the 3 swimming pools.You will also receive a menu at the Balneario restaurant.

Other bonus-gift Ideal spa to acquire or give away, is the Corporal Sabana Rebalancing of Serengueti Balneario Cestona in Guipuzcoa.

For 110 minutes you can close your eyes and receive a treatment that will give vitality to your skin and eliminate all the accumulated fatigue.You have a list of 6 different treatments that will help you achieve all that, you should choose 1 at the time of booking the spa gift card.

Body exfoliation, steam baths, body wraps, massages and more is what you will receive with this treatment gift card in the Basque Country.

Treatment Gift Cards in Guipuzcoa

The Hotel Talasoterapia Zelai, offers different services dedicated to improving the health and aesthetics of people through the use of sea water, obtained from the same Cantabrian Sea.

Get a bonus thermal treatment in the thalassotherapy circuit from this hotel, onde you can enjoy swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, contrasts... achieving through jets and temperatures relaxing and toning effects.

Among the different treatment cards in the Basque Country, the historic hotel takes full advantage of the water properties and benefits of the Itzurun Bay, recognized as the best biomarine fund in Europe.

In the thalassotherapy center you will find everything you need to relax and feel in shape: a large indoor pool, a sea water pool, swan-neck showers, water jets, Turkish baths and hot tubs as well as a wide variety of treatments.

Gift boxes for therapeutic treatments in Álava

In the Basque Country you can find many spa hotels that offer you first-class facilities, so that you receive all kinds of treatments that help you relax, heal and improve your health condition.

Among these is the Hotel Marqués de Riscal, which offers you different wellness treatment bonds, gift cards with accommodation and spa, relaxing treatments and much more.

Another gift experience that you can get in Euskadi it's the one Bonus Accommodation in Deluxe Spa Wing in Marques de Riscal.This includes a night of accommodation with breakfast included, session of Spa Vinothérapie Caudalie Marqués de Riscal (pool, hammam, jacuzzi and gym).You can also re-alalize a visit to the Marquis de Riscal wineries

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