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Gift cards treatments in Vizcaya

Travel, have fun and enjoy a different scenario while you love and care for your body in a surprising way Vizcaya.Choose from the best options hotels with SPA in one of the three cities that make up the basque country and enjoy a few days out of the ordinary.

To make you feel like a celebrity or to make the best birthday present, the gift boxes that offer some of these hotels are the perfect selection.

No worries at the hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza

Travel to the Basque Country with a gift card treatments in Vizcaya and live the experience of flying without wings, free your soul from worries and return home with cotton shoes That's how light your body will stay!

Choose a bonus gift spa and enjoy a nice bathroom as never at the facilities of the Balneario Orduña Plaza hotel, located in the center of the city of Orduña.The beautiful neoclassical building of the hotel preserves in its interior facilities dedicated to the relaxation and rest of its customers.

800 meters of mineral-medical waters to take advantage of your bonus thermal treatments.Gym, thermal waters and more, are some of the wonders you will find here

The use of the spa leaves the gym for free!

La gift card SPArelaxing hot tub” gives an incredible experience of 25 minutes receiving excellent anti-stress and anti-depressant treatment naturally, with hydromassage jets that will make you want to return.

Or you could try this amazing spa gift bonus, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the circuit “the spring” and delight with a succulent breakfast inside the hotel’s facilities.Leave everything in the hands of the highly trained professional and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing spring.

Renace at the hotel Balneario Areatza

Hydrolyze your body with a discharge of well-being and life in the wonderful waters of the Areatza hotel with a bonus thermal treatments.

About 30 minutes from the capital Vizcaya and on the slopes of Gorbea Natural Park, are the hotel facilities Balneario Areatza, set for the whole family, especially to heal and relax the customer.Where you can find the best gift cards treatments in Vizcaya.

Imagine spending 60 minutes in a thermal water circuit clearing your mind and enjoying the relaxed feeling of water, then lying on a comfortable stretcher and handing your body 15 minutes more to highly experienced hands, which will give you the benefits of a magnificent massage.Stop imagining and get this SPA gift card and live the real experience!

What if you're wrapped in coffee?This is it gift box brings you the benefits of body exfoliation deep with the combination of hot oil, coffee powder and cinnamon; in addition to body wrapping with coffee extract and a relaxing massage with reasserting emulsion.

60 minutes of health for the care of your skin in one of the best hotels with SPA in the area.

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