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Showing 1 - 100 of 336 items

Gift cards treatments in Granada

Travel as you take care of your health and improve your physical beauty with best gift cards treatments in Granada That's right!Get the best experience relaxing while benefiting from perfect treatments for your personal care in the city of grenade.

The amount of hotels with SPA that you can find in Granada are quite wide, but the experiences in them are totally incomparable.Give health to the sPA gift cards that has this beautiful city for you.

A peace circuit for the hotel Granada Palace

When talking about the best hotels with wellness center of the city of granada Granada Palace comes out.With highly effective water treatments, 900 square meters of pure thermal waters, saunas, hydromassage jets, Turkish bath, cryotherapy and much more, the thermal treatment bonus is ideal for you.

For 60 minutes you will live granada Palace water circuit, let the benefits of a relaxing pool with hydromassage beds take over your senses.One gift box with bitermal showers of aromas and a good tea in the relaxing area of the place.

10 types of relaxing areas you can spend during your stay and only a thermal treatment bonus to purchase.

If what you want is to look at beautiful hands, the SPA Manicure Gift Card at Granada Palace is just what you're looking for. Leave your hands and nails in the hands of a professionalreturn home with shiny hands and semi-permanent nails that will make you stand out.Beauty is important, so well-kept hands will represent you.

Beer Spa bathes you in beer to take care of your skin!

And like you haven't seen everything anymore, Granada has its first SPA of beer, as you read, the Beer SPA manages the concept of beer to improve the health of the skin.The high content of hops silicees causes uncovering of pores, as well as an increase in the vitality of the skin.

These concepts were used to implement many of the ingredients used in the production of beer, such as yeast, to apply it in the body of the customers of this hotel.The benefits are many and with just one bwell-being gift you can enjoy them.

Students also deserve a moment of relaxation and personal care, so with this gift card treatment in Granada you can be part of the beer SPA experience.

55 minutes of pure tasting of unlimited alhambra beer, beer baths within a barrel of bubbles with beer, beer sauna, barley beds, traditional snacks and a diploma of beer baptism.A great one gift box you'll probably want to share with your study group.

The only condition is to be a college student!

If you would like to enjoy this experience with beer, but you are not a student then this bonus gift spa it's for you.Experience the beneficial properties of beer and bring a new anecdote to your life while improving the health of your body.

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