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Gift cards treatments in Jaén

Welcome to Jaen the cultural province with more olives than people!To the south of Spain specifically to the northeast of Andalusia is the province of Jaén, a place characterized by its beautiful castles, landscapes and olive oil.

In these lands the most cultivated are olives, occupying almost two thirds of their crops.The inhabitants of this beautiful province pride themselves on their culture and are always organizing activities so that tourists know very well about it.

The beautiful landscapes of Jaén allow you to relax while you know the wonderful history of its oldest buildings.Visit the fortress of the mota, the old university of Baeza, the natural park of Sierra Mágina, the castle of Santa Catalina, the Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and the Villas, are undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences you should not miss.

And that better after one day knowing these beautiful lands than enjoying a majestic gift card treatments in Jaén in the best hotels in Andalusia.

Know the world while taking care of your body!

You deserve well-being and Andalusia gives it to you

Pleasure is a right that we have all people, and it is often difficult to find it completely.In Andalusia there are beautiful and highly skilled places only to give you pleasure, relax your body and feel completely satisfied.

Did you know that massages aren't just manuals?

And there are many other methods to give relaxation to your body.Vichy is a French shower model in which the body receives jets with pressure water that offer a hydrotherapeutic effect to people.In Andalusia we have this therapeutic massage with showers, and you can get it with this bonus gift spa.

Stay in the Parador of Join and enjoy the experience

Imagine traveling to Jaén, visit Úbeda, one of the most characteristic cities for its monuments, and stay in a 16th century palace?Then wake up and make it happen by staying in the beautiful Parador de Úbeda.

The old structure preserves the essence of the time, however, offers all the modern services you need to relax in this parador.Large rooms with high ceilings, traditional cuisine at the hotel restaurant and a beautiful bar are some of the features that you can enjoy during your stay.

Enjoy the view towards the Renaissance square Vázquez de Molina and visit a few meters beautiful buildings such as the chapel of the Salvador, the Marquez de Mancera Palace and the current town hall.

Goza de one night at the Parador de Úbeda with this gift card!

Stay in the heart of Cazorla Natural Park

In the heart of Cazorla Natural Park about 26 km from Cazorla, you will find the perfect place to clear your mind and connect with nature.

Enjoy a wonderful view while relaxing in the comfort of hotel facilities.

Dive into the pool while the beauty of the mountains and the forested valley delight your gaze.Goza de las instalaciones del Restaurante y el bar.Stay away during 2 nights at the Parador de Cazorla with this gift card.

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