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Showing 1 - 43 of 43 items

Gift cards treatments in Almería

When taking a vacation, taking care of your skin, relaxing, having a good wine and meeting new places is treated, an excellent choice will always be sP gift cardsA.Enjoy all the benefits that the hotels with SPA most wanted in the area.

In the province of Almeria you will not only find the beauty of the beaches and the infinity of the Mediterranean sea, you will also enjoy days of relaxation and well-being while taking care of your skin and health in general.It acquires the gift box that best suits your needs and spends a different time being treated as a celebrity.

As in the clouds at the hotel Envia Almería SPA & Golf

If what you're looking for is a gift card treatment in Almeria where the attention is exceptional, the feeling of relaxation is immensely incomparable and not wanting to leave is the most desired feeling, the Hotel Envia Almeria is waiting for you.

The first 5-star hotel in the province gives you its 36 hectares of pure beauty for you to enjoy an extraordinary day, its facilities are made up of a SPA center of 5,000 square meters where you can enjoy your SPA gift cards without any interruption.Enjoy your fitness area, beauty salon, coffee shop and more.

Get a card gift treatment Almería and take one future mom to relax and increase the health of your baby, that is, in this hotel future moms are also the priority and that is why gift card SPA brings a special massage for them and a craniofacial massage, ideal to improve circulation, immune system and others.

Water is also important in the facilities Almeríaso their benefits are effectively exploited to improve the health of anyone who wants it.East bonus gift spa gives great access to the SPA vital circuit, and that is not all, also enjoy a vigorous aromatic massage of roses.

The real stay at the hotel Aire Almería

Take advantage of this thermal treatment bond and free your mind from the routine, remove stress from your shoulders and salt as new from the Almeria Hotel & Ancient Baths Air installation.Maintaining the essence and customs of the wise ancestors, the facilities of this hotel with SPA provide a complete experience.

Goza of an incredible night accommodation in a double room with breakfast buffet included, access to the thermal circuit with aromatherapy and 30 minutes of a majestic massage.Get you relaxing treatment bonus and end the day as new.

Enjoy a good food characteristic of the place, breakfast like royalty and prepare your schedule for the thermal water circuit and massage of 30 minutes, but this gift box also bring a bottle of cava and chocolates to welcome you.Sleep like in the clouds for two nights at the Almeria Air Hotel.

A spa gift bonus that will allow you to reaffirm your skin, stimulate your blood circulation, remove the tension from your back, help balance the energies of your body and breathe deep with the best aromatherapy service.

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