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Gift cards treatments in Asturias

When getting out of the routine and relaxing it is, the first thing that comes to mind is to escape the common, buy a gift card SPA and visit a place where the green color of nature, the blue of the sky and the sea, where we simply lie down, close our eyes and breathe deep to sigh, be part of our well-beingAsturias that's what you're looking for!

One of the autonomous communities belonging to green Spain, is dressed in blue in the north with the beauty of the Cantabrian Sea.It characterizes its lands with gastronomy, landscapes and beautiful culture.Get a gift card treatments Asturias and knows one of the most mythical places in the area: the Lakes of Covadonga.

Float to the top of the Magdalena Palace

All royalties deserve your palace and Asturias yours is waiting for you.The hotel Palacio de la Magdalena is located on the Nalon river, surrounded by a wonderful landscape, the view is impressive and its facilities will make you want to stay.

Built in the mid 18th century by the Bishop of Oviedo, this relaxing building is part of the palatial architecture.Side to the palace is a chapel built for Mary Magdalene, hence her name.Facilities that dedicate their energies to the harmony and well-being of the body and spirit of the visitors now buy your gift card treatment in Asturias!

Get your gift box now where you can get a relaxing facial massage for about 20 minutes.The skin of your face will remain new, remember that there is only one skin and the face is our presentation card.It relieves tensions and stimulates facial muscles to tone and shine a younger and stronger skin With this spa gift bonus you will leave a few years ago!

When we are small we learn many things and our energy becomes almost infinite, having a moment of peace, relaxation and concentration becomes a little impossible.This is it gift card SPA is ideal for the smallest of the house.

Give well-being to that child, let him know the benefits of this child thermal treatment bond in the dynamic pool, jacuzzi, caldarium, laconium, massages with alternating jets and more.A thermal circuit for 1 and a half hour in the glorious facilities of the Magdalena Palace.

Full combo in one place: hotel Las Caldas Villa Termal

Between the Sea and the Cantabrian Range is the best hotel with SPA of the area, called Las Caldas Villa Termal, its facilities host a beautiful thermal spring with a design inspired by the roma pantheon.

Enjoy a bonus spa gifts, in a fairly complete place that combines leisure with relaxation, offering sports, gastronomic, natural and healthy activities to satisfy and exceed all expectations.Don't miss your wonderful gift boxes and give well-being.

Nothing better than enjoying a day at this SPA hotel with the beautiful clarity reflected in the dome of a thermal spring, where the only concern is that you end that feeling of peace and harmony that you are experiencing.

Take advantage of this thermal treatment bond 2 and a half hours Aquaxana Center Las Caldas Villa Termal.

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