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Gift cards treatments in Guipuzcoa

Unique and unforgettable experiences with the best gift boxes guipuzcoa!Explore between the different options to spend one or more days with the best hotels with SPA from the area.

Massages, meals, sea tours, swimming pools, saunas, steam baths and much more are some of the features offered by gift cards treatment in Guipuzcoaavailable for a friend, a loved one or for you.Children can also enjoy these experiences!

Healthy treatments in Hotel & Thalasso Villa Antilla

Make an unforgettable day with the SPA gift cards offered by the Hotel & Thalasso Villa Antilla.

Its structure resembles the proa of a boat, playing with the beautiful beach of the Antilles located right next to the hotel, on the coast of the Basque country.Its facilities host a relaxation area, good seafood and well-being.Less than 60km from Bilbao Airport and only 20 minutes' drive from San Sebastian, you can enjoy the best vouchers spa gifts.

Where even the smallest of the house can relax!

That's right, with him bonus “my first massage” children you can have an excellent experience with relaxing massage while reinforcing your immune system, helping your concentration, improving confidence and security and creating a balance between your activity and rest, in one of the best hotels with SPA guipuzcoa.

In the Hotel " Thalasso Villa Antilla you can purchase the best experiences in the water circuitso here we bring you this waterproof gift box.Access to the marine route, 6 swimming pools with 6 different types of water treatments, procedures only for your feet, sun loungers relax, massages of 30 minutes and up to a full meal based on the menu of the day.

Balance your life in Balneario Cestona

On the banks of the Urola river in Guipuzcoa, just a few minutes from the beaches of Zarautz, there is a spa with more than 200 years of history with facilities in perfect condition, adapted to the time and with excellent vouchers spa gifts.

Its essence of well-being and relaxation is reflected in its wonderful personal care services and how about a face rebalance with lifting effect to improve your appearance?Remember that health is first and the face is a presentation card, so get this gift card SPA and lives the benefits of clay and essential oils.

Improves the sudoríparas, sebaceous, lymphatic, nervous and circulatory functions while eliminating toxins and toning the skin of your face.

Thermal fluids in Guipuzcoa? The Balneario Cestona has the best thermal treatment cards in the area.

Circuit of the Millennium is the name that receives this thermal water route, implemented in order to improve the health of the client.A two-room Turkish bath with different temperatures, 34-degree thermal pool with different accessories (water beds, bubble seats, jets, etc.) is what this wonderful thermal treatment bonus offers.

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