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Showing 1 - 100 of 106 items

Gift cards treatments in Madrid

One of the most visited cities in Spain, and as no, if its streets are filled with Spanish culture, its many museums attract tourists, as well as its monumental ensembles.A place where you'll find the best gift cards treatment in Madrid.

So many features that represent this unique Spanish city called Madrid, visiting it is undoubtedly an excellent decision.Relax in the best hotels with SPA from the city, to know the story, to enjoy its gastronomy and to meet its citizens is an experience you should not miss.

Wonderful places like Cibeles Square, the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, the beautiful park of the Buen Retiro, the National Museum Reina Sofia Art Centre, the National Museum of the Prado, the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor and many more places, are the ones you will find while preparing to relax and increase your health with the best sPA gift cards.

Water gardens in the hotel El Hamman Al Ándalus in Madrid

Relax Madrid with the best natural treatments.Enjoy the benefits of water and the tranquility of the environment housed within the facilities of a hotel with SPA in a contemporary reinterpretation of the old baths of Al Ándalus.The ideal environment to connect with peace and relaxation of a life-filled environment.

Take advantage of this thermal treatment bond in the Hamman Al Ándalus and benefit from an Arab bath for 75 glorious minutes, then hand over your body to expert hands that will provide you with relaxation and well-being through a majestic massage for 15 minutes.Body oils that you can choose to imbue your skin and your senses, living the experience of aromatherapy.Get this already gift card SPA.

If your preference is massage, we present you the bonus gift spa ideal for you in the Hamman Al Ándalus.A body massage deep with an aromatized oil you can choose to impregnate your body of peace and relaxation for 60 minutes.In addition to 30 minutes in the Arab baths, everything with the acquisition of this gift box!

La Sierra de Madrid Selecta Hotela place to live and live

Clear from the city and surrounded by nature is this hotel, its construction of stone and wood was renovated in 2014, hosting a therapeutic spa, a SPA center and much more. located in the Alto Guadarrama National Park, one of the tourist places you should not miss when you visit Madrid.

Here you can enjoy gift boxes that bring for you 45 minutes in expert hands, applying a relaxing massage to your body, eliminating stress, tension, pains and much more, then enjoying a delicious meal or dinner at the hotel's presentable facilities Delight your palate and improve your health with this bonus gift spa!

That's not all, the hotel La Sierra de Madrid brings for you the best gift cards treatments in Madrid, and that's why we present this bonus that you can enjoy during two nights.Escape with this gift box and enjoy a full board, two accesses to the hydrothermal circuit for 90 minutes per person, a massage per person located for 25 minutes, a delicious bottle of cava to delight your palate and much more.

You can't miss this thermal treatment bondget him here!

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