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Voucher Gift Afternoons in Partovia for Two in Caldas de Partovia

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Give him a voucher for two persons of access to to to circuit Thermal two-hour snack in Caldas de Partovia,in Ourense.

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40,00 €

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The Voucher Gift of the Afternoons in Partovia for Two in Caldas de Partovia includes:

- Access to the temal circuit.
-Snack: Whole burger or vegetable sandwich or hot bite and one drink per person.

Duration: 2 hours

The pool water is mineral-medicinal water that emerges directly from the spring. The bathroom in the dynamic swimming pool it has a marked sedative, relaxant and analgesic effect, releases the stresses of daily life, reduces anxiety and helps to fall asleep, relieves muscle contractures, facilitates joint mobility and stiffness and contractures and activates blood circulation.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of medicinal mineral waters and this exclusive model shower, in the spa Caldas de Partovia in Ourense.

Reservation conditions voucher gift

1.- Pre-reservation required, specifying the reference number of the voucher. 
2.- This gift certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.
3.- Reservations subject to availability.
4.- It is mandatory to wear non-slip slippers and a hat.


The spa Caldas de Partovia is a space for well-being where to relax and enjoy the pleasure of the bathroom.At present, renovated in 2017, the spa has new facilities and a modern building of clean lines that mimics with the natural space that surrounds it, but we have tried to keep and give priority to the one that has been its essence over time, that is to say, to its extraordinary blue waters.

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