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Voucher The water circuit in Iberik

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Gift of access to the circuit aquatic in Iberik Gran Spa it's from Guitiriz & Golf of Lugo.

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Voucher Water circuit in Iberik Balneario de Guitiriz includes:

- Access to the water circuit.

Moments of relaxation and well-being at an iconic spa.

The Circuit Thermal Other includes a tour of different rooms and facilities starting with a self-applied peel to continue with a shower to move to the sauna area (dry sauna, infrared sauna and wet sauna). It is followed by a contrast shower with a bucket of cold water, a sauna like Turkish bath and again a contrast zone with jacuzzis at different temperatures. Then you pass through a pool in the form of a corridor with contrasts to end in the self-hydration room with products of the Balneario de Guitiriz mineral-medicinal of Termaqua and the relax room with marine atmosphere.

In the area of Water circuit of the Iberik Grand Balneary of Guitiriz and Golf, you'll discover a variety of techniques designed to give you a deep relaxation experience.

Iberik Grand Balneary of Guitiriz and Golf **** has in the spa an area with Water Circuit, where we can find a whole range of thermal techniques that provide a deep relaxation experience.

The water circuit has an active swimming pool with beds and hydromassage seats that are used to work the muscles of the back and legs at all levels by the projection of air under pressure.

It also has jets and waterfalls to relax the neck and upper back muscles, which are so often contracted by stress. It has two mini-pools with hydromassage seats and bubbles that relax the back and legs. It has a cold pool to make the temperature contrast necessary to activate circulation.

One voucher to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the hotel Iberik Grand Balneary of Guitiriz and Golf, in Lugo.

Reservation conditions voucher gift

1.- Pre-booking is essential to enjoy the services included in the voucher, indicating the reference.
2.- Subject to change availability at the time of booking.
3.- Gift vouchers cannot be cancelled or exchanged for money.
4.- Expiry: one year from the date of issue.
5.- To access the water circuit it is advisable to book time by consulting timetables directly with the hotel. Pre-booking is required for all other treatments.
6.- Voucher valid any day of the week.
7.- Voucher valid from monday to sunday.
8.- Hours of the Iberik circuit: from 10:00 to 14:00 h. and 16:00 to 20:00. friday and saturday until 21:00. Children's hours: 10:00 to 12:00. and 16:00 to 18:00 h


Iberik Grand Balneary of Guitiriz and Golf it is an exclusive destination that combines luxury, relaxation and sport in an idyllic setting. Located in a beautiful natural setting, this resort offers a comprehensive experience for those looking to enjoy moments of wellness, fun and tranquility.

The spa of Guitiriz is the heart of this experience, an oasis of calm and rejuvenation. Here you can soak in thermal pools, relax with revitalizing spa treatments, and enjoy healing therapies that will help you find balance and total well-being. From relaxing massages to body wraps and thermal baths, every experience at the spa is designed to give you a unique sense of renewal and relaxation.

But Iberik Gran Balneario de Guitiriz & Golf not only offers wellness, but also exciting sports options. Its impressive 9-hole golf course invites you to enjoy a challenging game in spectacular surroundings. Golf lovers will find a paradise here, with fairways well-kept and beautiful landscapes that create a unique experience for all skill levels.

In addition, the resort's facilities include gourmet restaurants that will delight your palate with exquisite cuisine, where you can taste creative dishes made with fresh and top-quality ingredients. Attention to detail and personalized service will ensure an unforgettable culinary experience.

In short, Iberik Grand Balneary of Guitiriz and Golf it's the perfect place for those looking for a haven of luxury, relaxation and sport in a natural setting. Enjoy moments of wellness at the spa, challenge your skills on the golf course and let yourself be captivated by the excellent cuisine. Your experience at Iberik Gran Balneario de Guitiriz & Golf will be an indelible memory of well-being and enjoyment.

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