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Voucher Route of Mejillon and Fishing Arts in Vigo

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Voucher the gift of walking in the boat by Ria de Vigo with a visit to the battle and the aperitif, Vigo.

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The Voucher Route of Mejillon and Fishing Arts in Vigo includes:

- A boat walk through Rio de Janeiro (shared boat with pattern included)
- Visit to a batea (culture platform of the shell)
Aperitive and Drink.
Civil liability and accidents insurance.

In this experience of route of peanut butter and fishing arts in the river of Vigo, we will show you the whole process of cultivation of this molusco, from its stage as a peanut butter to its commercialization.You can see it all from a floating platform known as "batea".Vigo is known for its frenetic fishing activity, which makes it a perfect scenario to embark on an ancient shuttle boat and discover the different fishing techniques used in downfishing.

Over the course of the year, you will be able to see differentrts of fishingThe.For instance, the "slip" is used to capture the shock, while the "nases" are used in pulp and necores fishing.You will also be able to see small vessels called "planeers", from which slopes and sailings are extracted by dive.

From the seaYou will have a unique perspective on the importance of this wonderful environment for the city of Vigo.A guide will be on board to provide you with all the details about what’s happening in the Ria, providing you with an enriching and educational experience.

The the boat which we use on this route of the peak and fishing arts in the ría de By Vigo it is an ancient bateeiro, a boat dedicated to the cultivation of the by mejillonThe.It is a traditional boat built in wood and perfectly restored.It was built on one of the most emblematic GaliciaThe Astaleiros Triñanes.The engine, an ancient Galician Manufacturing Barrier, is a relics that continues to work as the first day.These ships are increasingly weak in Galicia.

The boat offers a wide and completely accessible space, and can even accommodate wheelchairs.It also has banks so you can sit and a bath on board.

This is the ideal place for the familythe groups of friends and companies those who enjoy the sea can enjoy this experience.Everything is done with the maximum safety to guarantee a pleasant and no worries.

Come and live an authentic marine experience, discover the ria of Vigo in a unique way on this route of peak and fishing arts!

Conditions of reservation voucher the gift

Obligatory reservation, indicating the reference number voucher.
Valid one year from the date of issuance.
Reservations to concert with Bluscus Galicia Marinera
Unrefundable amount.
Weekend exits according to calendar and subject to meteorological conditions.
Exit time at 12h.
Capacity of the ship: Minimum 4 people, maximum 12 people.


Bluscus Galicia Marinera tourism experiences maritime in GaliciaA beautiful area located in northwestern Spain.Dive in the maritime culture and enjoy the natural wonders of the Galician coast.

Bluscus Galicia Marinera offers a wide range of activities related to the sea and the coastalThe.Some of the experiences they could offer include boat walks to explore the impressive coastal views, fishing excursions for fishing lovers, cetace observation for those interested in marine life.

Authentic and enriching experiences, combining the natural beauty of Galicia with its rich marine tradition.

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