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Voucher Environmental Zero for the Riy

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Voucher 0 by the Ría de Vigo aboard the Nautilus and discover the treasures of the bottom marine as you sail the waters of .

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The Voucher Environmental cruise along the Ria de Vigo includes:

- Guided tour of one and a half hours on board the Nautilius

The Ría de Vigo is the epicenter of our wealth and culture, a treasure trove of biodiversity that inspires us to offer our passengers a unique and deep experience in our fascinating seabed.

We start the tour by the monument to Jules Verne, where we will explore the relationship of the famous French writer with our river, as reflected in his work "Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel".

We will enjoy sailing to the bathing area in Moaña, where we will dive our Nemo drone to show real-time images of the mussel culture, underwater life, flora and fauna.Our aquaculture expert will be present to explain and answer all your questions about our estuary and its marine wealth.

You'll have free time to sail between the rafts, enjoying the marine environment.

At Punta Arroas, we'll activate the lateral sweep sonar to locate sunken ships at more than 43 feet.With the help of Nemo, you can contemplate and interpret the remains resting on the seabed.This underwater archeology experience will be fascinating.

After this immersion in history, the time will come to know the Battle of Rande in 1702.Our guide will provide an entertaining explanation of one of history's most famous naval battles, which has prompted multiple expeditions in search of lost treasure.In addition, you will discover how this battle inspired Jules Verne to write his famous novel "Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel".

You'll have some free time while we return to the starting point, the Real Club Náutico de Vigo,Spain.

Embark on this unforgettable adventure and immerse yourself in the secrets of River of Vigo as we explore its rich history and fascinating seabed.

Reservation conditions voucher gift

1.- Compulsory reservation, specifying the reference number voucher.
2.- Valid for one year from the date of issue.
3.- Reservations to be made with Ocean Secrets
4.- Amount not reimbursable.
5.- Departures every Saturday in March, April, May, June and October; and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in July, August and September.Subject to weather conditions.
6.- Departure time at 12:00.
7.- Capacity of the vessel: maximum 50 persons.


Ocean Secrets it is a vessel that has created a truly innovative project: guided tours of the Ría de ship especially designed to discover the fascinating marine world.Our vessel is equipped with the Nemo robot, an advanced sonar and an audiovisual system that allows our customers to witness live the creeping marine fauna, including octopuses, necropses, sea stars, mussels and even sunken boats.

Accompanying this unique experience, we have a special guideizado who will share the most interesting stories of the Ría de Vigo, such as the famous "Battle of Rande of 1702" or the underwater adventures of "20,000 leguas of underwater travel" by Julio Verne.This retreat and novelty literally plunges us into the bottom of the Ría de Vigo, as we enjoy the la navegation among the iconic Galician bates.In addition, thanks to the Nausus crystal and its terraces, we can make these tours at any time of the year.

Our catchment area is limited to the Ría de Vigo, and the duration of the route is one and a half hours.For groups, we also offer combined routes including a visit to San Simón Island or the Cíes, thus expanding the experience and discovering other points of interest in the region.

We invite you to join us in this unique experience Laughing with Ocean Secrets.Step into a world full of secrets and wonders!

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